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Party, PR, and Pennies

If exercise boosts intellect then this should be good…as I’ve just exercised, also I’ve just been to the bank whereby I finally got round to weighting in all those millions of 1p coins from my money box on my windowsill. It came to five pounds, which is a bit better than going bald.
I’ve recently been working on a project which shall open a new chapter in the world of piracy, that’s why I’ve been asking people whether I’d make a good pirate or what would hold me back from embarking on a career as a pirate; I’m getting into character you see as it’s a first person narrative.
I sometimes ponder how this blog is really a projection of my own vanity. I sit here typing away about nothing but me and my exploits and to be fair I do find myself contemplating my brilliance every so often, which is only fair really when I equally consider my utter stupidity. We do live in an odd time whereby everyone is a little celebrity in their own right. Consider facebook, without consciously knowing it, we are acting like little PR guru’s, like it or not we manipulate the little cyber field that is our facebook page, creating an impression we wish others to have of us. Now dispense with the ‘I don’t actually care, because I’m to cool for school bla bla bla’ because we all do it.
I suppose such a culture as selfish as ours probably started with that old friend of mine Lord Byron, who to be frank, for his time, was a PR genius.
Today’s portraits and letters are twitter and facebook and we do as we always have done, trying to pledge ourselves as best we can.

I haven’t read a book in ages…note to self; read more!

Instead I’ve been idle, having tea parties and garden parties and drinking in the pub parties, watching political parties and starting a personal peter must get a job party.

So on that note am gonna have a write a set of lyrics party all on my own for that project –→



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Cabbage talk

Good morning from the middle of the night, oh blast my keyboard is loud…tap tap tap, anyway; what have I to tell you followers? Well it’s presently 3:45 am. Usually-me-up-time I guess. Earlier today i.e. at about 10:30 pm I pottered to my pub for some Guinness with chums. Besides that, this evening and day (if you can call it a day) I decided to have a day off. A day off in my book is spent lounging around, watching youtube vlogs (Meekakitty/breakingNYC) in my pyjama’s and dressing gown. Drinking about 80 litres of PG tips and enjoying the occasional excessively potent cigarette to the sound of the Trans Siberian orchestra. I’m very busy being un-busy on my days off but it had to be done for I poisoned myself with alcohol in various nightclubs on Thursday and I must admit; I’m still recovering. I’m over the hangover, though getting over the hangover the hangover left me – if you get me, is proving arduous. If you don’t congratulations for your obviously very well behaved, so behaved you’re heading straight towards a very spectacular mid-life crisis.
A nerd moment if you will; I’ve updated my computer which unlike most is odd, it isn’t a mac or a windows – stay awake- but a Linux which means all the shizzle on it’s free (hurraah) and so I spent all of last night updating it to the most updated version (9.10) WOW anyway….
12 days till my beloved formula one season starts again, oh the pent up excitement, watching the testing via the web is a bit like foreplay but that’s because I’m weird – don’t judge me 🙂
Alice in wonderland must be seen, apparently the mad hatter’s as bipolar as me. Meh…but still, there’s another Depp character I can relate too…could be worse, he is one hell of a good/cool actor, (where’s this going) I imagine it may be a bit over SFX’d….i haven’t seen it yet, I can’t judge, I hate it when people say “it’ll be rubbish” before actually seeing what they’re talking about…you do it, I do it, we all do it, but like farting, it’s rude and shouldn’t be done in public if avoidable.
The other day I attended a meeting regarding a magazine and so I have a lot of work to do in the following few days, I short story must be made and so I shan’t be posting here for a tad bit, to make up for such a mega unfortunate lack of communication I’ve become addicted to twitter.. again so all aboard etc, do follow (account on the right hand side of page) as I update every time I make a mug of tea, I don’t know what it is about twitter, perhaps it’s the theatrical maniac in me that must be seen, I haven’t a stage and so courtesy of that Bernard Lee chap who invented the internet at CERN, I have twitter to be an egotistical show off, it is a bit.. “look at me everyone, look! Look here! all about me……look at me!” sort of thing which to be frank I can’t resist. Anyway, besides fighting off all the Spartans with one hand tied behind my back, curing major ailments and saving the blind, I really haven’t been upto much more…..well I did go job hunting but that’s boring….so I’ll leave you all here and buggar off to make more tea…. (I’ve just noticed how many times I say “I”, how embarrassing). You know I’ll probably be back here tomorrow despite what I said, really must resist the urge to blog…..

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