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Sherlock Holmes Review

I’ve overheard Sherlock Holmes has been over Hollywood-ified. I’m talking about the latest take by Guy Ritchie. If Conan- Doyle was alive today, this wouldn’t be dissimilar to his very own. The relationship between Holmes (Robert Downey jr) and Watson (Jude Law) is more akin to that of the books and unlike previous reproductions of the said adventures, Watson has acquired his shrapnel induced limp, earned in India.
The atmosphere of London is conjured more realistically, its harrowing, dark, plight ridden streets are all there and Holmes possesses a more realistically rugged streak to his character, he was after all supposed to be bohemian, an idiosyncratic trait I never truly perceived with the old Jeremy Brett performances or that of Basil Rathbone. All in all then, this film is definitely worth watching and I can see it as a sturdy pillar in the adventures and cinematic re-occurrences of that fabled old detective; Sherlock Holmes.


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A Short Book Review

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming kidknapped me during the evening, I read the lot cover to cover, truly engrossed. Generally hindered with the attention span of a 5 year old, that for me is a giant feat, it wasn’t difficult. This is a book that cannot be put down, its journalistic short, snappy sentences keep you captivated as you race about the world of the proper pre-cliché James Bond. From stylish casino’s to intelligent, attractive women. Bentleys, torture scenes and a complicated relationship culminating in the unexpected ending. You will, I grant you be sucked into the grandiose world of espionage which despite being dramatic is never beyond reality.



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