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Loud and Clear, Revolutionary Reservation


Right Gents and Ladies I haven’t written a blog in a while due to the fact occasionally I randomly feel like shite, needless to say I’ve done a bit, but not much, spending most of the time perched before the television not taking it all in. I have just completed an essay rendering life easier and now I can rant without guilt or hindrance. Tea parties should come back. During the day a few friends, tea and talking is surely a healthy requirement in this Facebook driven society we live in. Along with that I welcome white bow ties and excess, but that’s another point all together, or is it? What we seem to need is a glamorous looking world with shiny things and tale coats. If politicians looked that respectable we may think them worthy of votes, killed of by communist agenda’s to dress as if to go the shops for some tea and biscuits, I mean a two piece? Whats all that about. Time for character! I say whip out the ostentation and go for it. This world we vacate to my horror appears ever more clinical, that is besides a small band of revolutionaries not afraid to make mistakes and look a bit interesting, I’m thinking Boris again bless the little genius.
What I want is brilliant things and I don’t want naff though that is subject to fashion yet fashion never killed the tailor, reserved expense will always look good and lets promote it, lets promote preposterous style and bask in creativity, we need more creativity and when creativity is low then naturally a revolution is imminent and so I beckon it out from beneath its stone sat by the fire, feasting on lobster and shouting at his butler, we’ll push it onto society in a dinner jacket and cigarette holder and a Morgan +8, marveling at the indulgent genius of excess and the ubiquitous hue that emigrates from black and white.
A short rant today prior to college and another shall follow tomorrow.

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