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Madness and Cycling

I think I’ve sussed out why I’ve been suffering from what can only be described as a weird sleeping routine all my life. Apparently according to the Internet I have Delayed sleep-phase syndrome lol. Basically this means I come alive when everyone goes to bed and don’t get to sleep until about 4 am. Unlike insomniacs I manage to get a groovy, fully fledged decent sleep but don’t wake up until the afternoon. Naturally this hacks everyone off, including my parents and I usually sort it out by filling myself full of snoozing concoctions or booze. Alone, left to my devices, unaltered by self medication I revert to a naturally odd cycle of sleep. I’ve been recommended (by the internet) to find an occupation to suit, luckily I’m half decent in the writing department. I now have quite a collection of maladies adding Bipolar, debauchery, mild OCD and long hair. But then, we shouldn’t view each idiosyncratic eccentricity as necessarily a negative, I’m sure there’s an apparent syndrome for every weakness. We should accept them as part of who we are and instead of mooing and wallowing as a victim, realise they’re a bit of a gift, garnish upon creativity. Give me a genius without a flaw and I’ll show you just another normal person.
So how am I today? I feel I’m winding down from a period of mildly destructive mania. Same old, same old, walking through life with a path of destruction in my wake, still eager to make 2010 ‘my year’. I went cycling last week, 17 miles of hard-work which has induced a healthier state, a thinner, more attractive state and a further feeling of well being. Abiding by the theory that drinking lots of water boosts ones metabolism, I’ve been doing a lot of that too. Anyhow; today I ate a massive sandwich and got a shower. Today I shall do little more… adios


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Going Really Fast!


I sit here on a drafty, dusty underground platform with sod all else to do, awaiting my train to maghull which is yet to appear on the LED display screen of arrivals floating above the platform. I’ve just done an exam in half the allocated time, why must I do everything at full pace? I’m unsure but I like it and since a child I’ve realized that doing generally everything a million times faster than required; the monotony of life is quashed, vanquished and expelled through pure concentration, adrenaline and thrill. Perhaps it’s an insight into my mind, I’ve always spoke fast or so I’m told (often by a Gran who struggles to decipher an open sail rant manifesting itself splendidly as speedy mumble) My thoughts, meaning not to sound somewhat pedantic, are fast. College leaves me struggling more to slow down and stay on topic than the work itself. I don’t know if I should deliberately slow myself down and try to ponder less or allow myself to hoof through everything? Would I get everywhere quicker? (Thinking of career) or will I end up in a ditch? Perhaps compromise should be the aim yet I do a hopeless job of that too. The world around me is then far to slow and yet if I clash with my surroundings on this front will it result in defeat? I imagine it usually does.
My train has arrived and I simply must dash, tataa P

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