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Resolution and Polar Exploration

Good evening occasional followers who do -it would seem- follow me, following as i travel from year to year as I did the day prior, as spectacularly as ever, leaving memory behind along the famous lanes of Liverpool.
My first resolution has hopped in to fruition without an issue, I have temporarily given up smoking, at least, that is, until I find myself rich, only then and then only, may I pick up another cigarette (honest).
The coming year then is an opportunity to build upon the last, ever growing closer to finding myself on a pedestal of might and glory and wealth and pleasure. Also this year I plan to apply accomplishment to all these goals. Being what one calls a “libertine” (for want of a better description) is all very dandy and well- but, what is the point in living so gloriously if only to be witnessed by a few. A theatre without an audience is a cage full of monkeys. Therefore I pledge to place an achievement upon the year 2010, building a “stage” so glorious as to eventually have me thrust into greatness with my massive hat. ;-).
Me and a few chums in the pub have decided that the only place worth visiting which may induce even a hint of worthy conversation and general experience equal to an apprenticeship in “wise man-ness” has to be the Arctic. The thought of possibly being gobbled by polar bears and whizzing about on a snow mobile, it has to be said; renders one somewhat exited. This year shall be devoted to nothing but the challenge of adventure, hopefully i’ll profit from it and not be eaten to death, but who knows, it would be curious to be remembered as the madman who was eaten by a polar bear but for the sake of practicality let’s just hope I remain alive.

Anyhow, enough of me and I need a cup of tea anyway, so i’ll love you for now and tatty bye

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