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The Excitment of the Race

Some may, but most will be unaware of my most enthusiastic love affair. It started, I suppose in front of the TV or maybe it was while watching the RAC rally in a foot of snow in Wales, or when sat in the garage watching my old man help build a friends rally car.
For years I’ve been in love with Motorsport.
With the new season approaching, in particularly that of F1. I get this weird sensation in my stomach, just as in childhood, the excitement would surge on Christmas eve, now, as the new cars are presented to the world ready for the new season. Who’s designed what? What cunning idea’s have the engineers come up with? Between now and March the excitement builds as the cars alter more with testing until, upon the green light of the first race of the season I bounce before the TV, on my toes, shouting out, eager to catch every move, alert to the changes of direction and daring attempts to overtake at nearly 200 mph.
It’s around about now I begin to also plan my pilgrimage’s to circuits across old Blighty, following Aston Martins, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s in the GT Championship. As good as television is, actually being on the grid prior to a race and floating about the paddock, poking into garages, taking in the fumes of colossal V12’s, watching the mechanics at work on smashed up dodge vipers and Lotus’ cannot be beaten. Even the action on track is breathtaking, cars flipping, smashing and quite literally blowing up before you instilling not only trepidation but huge, eye opening excitement.
First stop then shall be Oulton Park, I cannot wait. This year I shall, when possible be blogging here on my motoring travels, and F1 happenings so hopefully you can grasp something of the pleasure it brings me.

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