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Speed Records and Pigeons

I was watching the grand prix in my dressing gown before when the fire place began to russell and lots of soot and stuff fell out onto the floor . I continued watching tv attentively as Mark Webber set about winning the British grand prix when all of a sudden a pigeon flew out from the chimney, hit the ceiling throwing black soot marks all over it, before flying into the conservatory. I decided the best thing to do would be to leave it there so I shut the door and left it to fly into the window continuously. It currently rests upon a computer monitor pondering its Alcatraz predicament; I’m looking forward to locking my sister in with it when she turns up. Should be fun.
As I pointed out I was watching the grand prix, and it was excellent. We seem to be in a golden era of formula one at present. Watching Lewis Hamilton collect 2nd place in a car undeserving of such a position is as ever excellent. That man buoyed on by the crowed dragged and thrashed that car around the circuit in a way that can only prove his talent and status as a world champion. The other brit Jenson Button also performed a miracle in typical reserved calculated and methodical style to take his mclaren from 14th to 4th. Once again the brits doing brilliantly in the only sport we really can and do dominate these days.

Something else that grabbed my attention recently is the new record for production cars regarding top speed; Bugatti took their Veyron uber-car and tuned it. Yes they have made the previous worlds fastest car faster, shifting its top speed from 253 mph to 267 mph….apparently they hit nearly 270 mph but had to take an average from two runs… this means road cars are beginning to approach 300 mph, which isn’t far off the top speeds of world war two fighter planes. Uttely insane and brilliant.


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The Monaco Grand Prix 2010

Formula one

With the Monaco grand prix just past I thought I’d mark it with a formula one specific blog; the race was as good as anyone can expect from the streets of Monte Carlo. The spectacle as ever is breathtaking viewing, where the fastest cars in the world do the equivalent of popping to Tesco at 170 mph. Mark Webber surprised us all by once again dominating from qualifying and leaving Sebastian Vettel with second place. I’ve always rated Webber from his storming first grand prix with Minardi through the jaguar days and now, finally with the car to challenge for a title. I do though think he hasn’t that raw pace he had initially, which Mr Vettell has in abundance.
Mclaren faired less well in the principality with Jenson Buton blowing up more or less immediately after the start due to somebody leaving the bung in the radiator duct which strangled the engine of cooling and resulted in the inevitable blue smoke bellow of a blown engine.
Fernando Alonso starting from the back of the grid, made easy work of the slower new teams to overtake enough before stopping at the first safety car period to switch to hard tires and basically complete the rest of the race without pitting, whereby he eventually found himself in seventh position.
The whole event was eventually ended under safety car conditions which due to a technicality in the regulations left a certain Michael Schumacher to overtake Fernando Alonso at the last corner, this being a breach of the rules under the conditions led the stewards aided by a certain Damon Hill (long time rival and victim of Schumacher’s ruthless competitiveness) to levy the penalty of a 20 second deduction of Schumacher’s time, rendering him 12th.
It was bad form from the stewards, or more the rulebook, but it was Michael Schumacher and like Prost and Senna inevitably coming to a violent crash, the incident was bound to be leapt upon by Damon.

All in all a great grand prix simply due to the fact than any race with Monaco as a backdrop is a thrill to watch….

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