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A Rowing Machine and an Italian Job

Mr bridger

Oh jolly buggery, the no smoking wave of puritanism that struck me over the new year has ventured into the sodden depths of failure. To be honest I was struck by the fact I actually didn’t want to stop, I care not for my health as I don’t plan to die boringly, in fact I plan to eventually explode and due to this I don’t care for a spot of respiratory neglect.

I like Mr Bridger, played by Noel Coward in the film ‘the Italian job’, he, despite being a gangster, is in fact a gentleman. I don’t mind gangsters with manners and principles, especially those willing to aid in the economy, he shows a personal patriotism and honour that we find obsolete these days. No thanks to governments demanding to do everything themselves, personal nous has dissipated into oblivion and people no longer do their bit for society, I, for one, am one of them and I blame nationalisation, not entirely but to the current extent, broadly speaking..i dislike it.

Anyhow, my sleeping pattern is backwards, so I have been getting up at 3pm. I have spent countless evenings (well 2) reading war and peace until 6 am and to be frank its time to indulge in the sleeping pills.

I was contemplating today the idea of buying a rowing machine, I can’t be arsed trekking or traveling in any form to a place ridden with exercise freaks and shall if possible avoid it, the gym is just so, well it’s not cool with its customers in plastic clothing, all openly being vain, simply because they lack the imagination to have a hobby, well, that isn’t fair as I seek the rowing machine, but it’s that air of competitiveness venturing on the anal (whatever that means specifically I don’t no (in this context) but you know roughly and it fits well).

As you can see this is bordering on a rant and frankly I’m literally scraping the bottom of the pot of my mind to find something to say, I know upon writing this blog it turns the flywheel in my head, the momentum to scribble more will be unleashed and I can start on one of my projects. Now that I’m in full swing I’ll depart and hop off to write something ingenious.

Oh yeh, almost forgot..war and peace is brilliant, I will get to it’s end before I explode I assure you – until then a review is impossible.

Catcha later


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