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Apple’s iPad

Well I thought I’d write a review, I’m going nowhere and haven’t been sent any products to peruse so I’ll join the mass euphoria and pledge my comments upon the iPad. It looks primitive mainly because it’s based on a tablet last used by ancient people. Its innards are ridden with boring techno cack and being something of a Caravaggio and candles kinda guy, I honestly lack the capability to go there. What I’ll do is point out a flaw; being someone of a fiery disposition the iPad looks absolutely under-equipped to withstand launches into walls. Now I must take this into account when buying my laptops because eventually, every once and while, temper takes over and Kaboom. I also have a habit of sitting on my computers, accidental of coarse, but sit on them I do. The laptop then survives occasionally mainly thanks to the ‘lid’, something the iPad naturally lacks which concerns me. Secondly – and yes this does concern the lid – the iPad will be useless for watching films lying down. I do -it must be said- spend a lot of time lying down, generally watching films and unless I bend my knees which I see as an inconvenience then the iPad will not hold itself up, I hear it will have a sort of stand, but when in bed this is completely futile.
The iPad is also being heralded as a useful ally of the digital book. I read to relax, spying upon a screen for hours taking in ‘the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ is only going to make my eyes more sore. I do though see a market for digital publishing as a potential for authors, it is not to my taste but to be honest I haven’t properly experienced it on something like the iPad, so I am then welcoming a change to the way my books are presented, paper or LCD as long as it works.
Some say the iPad crosses the gap between net-books and smart phones but to me that’s like saying I’m going to cross the gap between England and Wales; there isn’t one, it’s either one or the other. So that’s a stupid saying.
Anyway all in all the iPad looks like a foolish idea, apple perhaps taking their concepts a little too beyond requirement. But then what do I know, I like candles and despite contemporary wisdom in 2001, the iPod was a massive success.

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