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Big Brother – The potential abuse



Okay, so its about stopping crime, the legislation used to sue the Icelandic government following there financial collapse was put in place to stop terrorism. How do we know ID cards will not be abused by a government which sees the rights of it’s citizens as a worthless asset to alter in the pursuit of convenience. Its happened before, the slow ebbing away of liberty, little chunks here, little chunks there because apparently it makes us safer; hardly noticeable until its too late a bit like the rainforest or a coastline, far fetched? I’m not sure.
Okay you say it’ll help remove criminals from society and illegal migrant’s, terrorists you say, all the current disagreeable pursuits. What about those who disagree with the governments ideological direction, what if their opinion is deemed extreme by the government all of a sudden, i’m thinking the banned list, just because someone is disagreeable doesn’t warrant a restriction on their liberty. The government aren’t always right and the rights of the people are what suppress the power of the government, in worst case scenarios the damage is limited their reach is kept in check by a basis of rules. If we give governments to much room, if we hand over to much freedom and to many rights; it is then when we start to lose the grip on democracy.
All cutting edge idea’s are extreme, a woman’s right to vote was extreme at one point, homosexuality was deemed the epitome of utter disgust at one point, utterly abhorrent and not fit for society, like racism or to be a bit more relevant; criticizing a specific religion, I’m referring to the Geert Wilders fiasco, thrown out for encouraging a debate, it matters not how extreme the debate as long as it’s not violent but civilized. If it induces hatred and violence the fault doesn’t lie with debate but with those that use debate as an excuse to be immoral.
The current government again and again have allowed the erosion of liberty to take place undisturbed and you might add that that is fine under leadership of civilized people but we’ve all seen “noble” western countries decline into farce and oppression, with the BNP growing in potential voter’s as the Nazi’s did, As the Fascists of Mussolini did following depression and public dissatisfaction regarding the liberal political system. We must consider the consequences and potential of a situation were morally flawed future governments can take advantage of a big brother infrastructure. Such extremes you may suggest are outlandish but I assure you Fascism is never far away in a democracy, it expands and spreads quickly. As a people we can be blinded by charm and charisma or a “way out” mentality, in hindsight we can say “that was a mistake” but as history can prove, mistakes can be easily made. It is for this reason I would rather not have an ID card, and I’m very much against its ethos and fear were it could lead.

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