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Speed Records and Pigeons

I was watching the grand prix in my dressing gown before when the fire place began to russell and lots of soot and stuff fell out onto the floor . I continued watching tv attentively as Mark Webber set about winning the British grand prix when all of a sudden a pigeon flew out from the chimney, hit the ceiling throwing black soot marks all over it, before flying into the conservatory. I decided the best thing to do would be to leave it there so I shut the door and left it to fly into the window continuously. It currently rests upon a computer monitor pondering its Alcatraz predicament; I’m looking forward to locking my sister in with it when she turns up. Should be fun.
As I pointed out I was watching the grand prix, and it was excellent. We seem to be in a golden era of formula one at present. Watching Lewis Hamilton collect 2nd place in a car undeserving of such a position is as ever excellent. That man buoyed on by the crowed dragged and thrashed that car around the circuit in a way that can only prove his talent and status as a world champion. The other brit Jenson Button also performed a miracle in typical reserved calculated and methodical style to take his mclaren from 14th to 4th. Once again the brits doing brilliantly in the only sport we really can and do dominate these days.

Something else that grabbed my attention recently is the new record for production cars regarding top speed; Bugatti took their Veyron uber-car and tuned it. Yes they have made the previous worlds fastest car faster, shifting its top speed from 253 mph to 267 mph….apparently they hit nearly 270 mph but had to take an average from two runs… this means road cars are beginning to approach 300 mph, which isn’t far off the top speeds of world war two fighter planes. Uttely insane and brilliant.

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Morning, 60’s and Psyco-Chefs.

Early morning, four o’clock to be precise, peaceful, silently unmolested by machinery. The dew hugs the ground as the early birds chatter away without interruption. This, a fine hour and quite my favourite. I’ve just been for a smoke whereby I witnessed all, but right now I write this from my bed, slightly hungry to see the day, hungrier too for my breakfast.
The last two days I’ve spent in bed, lying dormant from some doom ridden malady. I often think if I’m ever damned to bed, I’ll spend it scribbling away, but alas I’ve been most uncomfortable despite wearing a shirt, another shirt, a cardigan, a dressing gown and a woolen overcoat, I’ve been shivering away like a leaf, watching BBC four and shouting silently at Tony Blair.
I’ve been barely able to keep up to date with the formula one testing times which has disappointed me. I feel like I’ve neglected a child, for my brain hasn’t been able to care upon my favourite sport.
I’ve spent this morning, all of it, for I haven’t slept (I’ve done more than enough this past few days) reading war and peace (chapter XVIII) and perusing 60’s cars, 60’s fashion and 60’s music via youtube through my phone.
I like the 60’s or at least the legacy we have today. It appears rather avant garde and edgy whilst still bound within the charms of the olde world, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the olde world structure it clashes with that gives it its chic. Like, I s’pose a huge institution of regulation and decorum to annoy. Like hanging out on the school field instead of going to class. If there was no class to go to then sitting on the field would never be exciting. Perhaps the world isn’t as exciting today courtesy of a lack of “class” to rein us in. today without turning into a Vikings there are no rules to break, no one to innocently shock, no risk without loosing all respect or excitement. I pondered (as I do) as to whether I should take up motor racing but it’s all a bit too safe for me despite some obvious risk, courtesy as the huge safety ethic. It’s a bit like my kitchen yet, I have no ambition of taking up cookery simply because its boring and hardly dangerous unless you go completely witlessly mental.
In fact the only way it ended up on modern TV was when dignity was given the high jump and it stopped being about food but character cooks. that isn’t cookery in my book.
I therefore found myself looking at Grand Prix super-boats instead and wishing my eyesight was good enough to be a fighter pilot.
Anyhow it’s been 30 minutes since I began this wee ramble around mount brain, so I’m going to scoot off now and read the rest of chapter 18.

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The Excitment of the Race

Some may, but most will be unaware of my most enthusiastic love affair. It started, I suppose in front of the TV or maybe it was while watching the RAC rally in a foot of snow in Wales, or when sat in the garage watching my old man help build a friends rally car.
For years I’ve been in love with Motorsport.
With the new season approaching, in particularly that of F1. I get this weird sensation in my stomach, just as in childhood, the excitement would surge on Christmas eve, now, as the new cars are presented to the world ready for the new season. Who’s designed what? What cunning idea’s have the engineers come up with? Between now and March the excitement builds as the cars alter more with testing until, upon the green light of the first race of the season I bounce before the TV, on my toes, shouting out, eager to catch every move, alert to the changes of direction and daring attempts to overtake at nearly 200 mph.
It’s around about now I begin to also plan my pilgrimage’s to circuits across old Blighty, following Aston Martins, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s in the GT Championship. As good as television is, actually being on the grid prior to a race and floating about the paddock, poking into garages, taking in the fumes of colossal V12’s, watching the mechanics at work on smashed up dodge vipers and Lotus’ cannot be beaten. Even the action on track is breathtaking, cars flipping, smashing and quite literally blowing up before you instilling not only trepidation but huge, eye opening excitement.
First stop then shall be Oulton Park, I cannot wait. This year I shall, when possible be blogging here on my motoring travels, and F1 happenings so hopefully you can grasp something of the pleasure it brings me.

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