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Tantrums and Tea Shaped Music

A new blog is needed. I’ve halted all else for I’m itching to write about my new desk lamp. It beams a splendid white hue upon my desk, casting the main light into unemployment and my room beside my workspace into darkness. Cosy it is, my eyes now focally uninterrupted. I’m listening to Iron Maiden and the Buzzcocks, in a bit of a two fingers to everything mode. I spent the latter half of the day screaming and raging all my pent up frustration into pointless exercising of my vocal chords, now feeling somewhat relieved and ready to shout my epic-ness upon the world once more. Today I sorted my muddled finances and I’m back on track to acquire wealth and a bachelor pad.

My blazer was covered in what appeared to be sick. So I cleaned it. My god did I clean it and I’m wearing it now, I do though need another wardrobe, but one thing at a time aye. Firstly a job, but naught point fively; I need to finish my short story which I haven’t done because my brain has been strangled by anxiety all weekend. So I shall have it up for tomorrow I hope.

Pardon me while I alter the next track on my music player..

A bit of Empire of the sun, a nice relaxed track, “we are the people” which is splendid because we are. If this track was a drink it would be tea, nothing fancy just good old breakfast tea.
A project I was working on apparently has acquired some considerable acclaim, spoken word it is. Not a genre I would naturally be attracted too but one I find now rather desirable. I write things then read them out, slowly succumbing to the alcohol as we sip splendid beers through the evening. I have some interesting plans for such a project which has led me to many a @meeting@…..i mean “meeting” (getting used to a mac keyboard still) in the scotch piper (distant but very old pub). Guinness, darts and fine conversation are the order for the day and if this is work, long live the artist, for it is an occupation I find quite desirable.

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