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All of a sudden the goblin of depression is tugging on my cloak trying in earnest to drag me down, that’s why I’m listening to lots of dance music at full blast and pretending I’m the scarlet pimpernel. Pumping myself up and applying the secret world of imagination to buffer reality. Imagination is great, it’s like armour. No arrow or musket ball, life throws can penetrate into my world. The problem is also, in this meditated state one must lock himself away somewhat. When jobs need doing they don’t get done and while I’m away in my world people get pissed off. “do this, do that” I get but I’m in bed ignoring life, I hate leaving my bed as it feels safe, so I sleep through most of the day. Today I got up a 6pm, I’ve slept for 16 hours. I awoke to find everyone out which is a god send, as I can big myself up with the Black Eyed Peas and Tomcraft. No external nuisance shall annoy my desire to feel better and no-one can tell me how shit I am, which is nice. I am currently working on a short story for this here blog, it reads rather well and once I’m feeling a bit better i shall complete it and I’ll post it here. For now I’m drinking lots of coffee and tapping my foot to the chemical brothers.

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