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Madness and Cycling

I think I’ve sussed out why I’ve been suffering from what can only be described as a weird sleeping routine all my life. Apparently according to the Internet I have Delayed sleep-phase syndrome lol. Basically this means I come alive when everyone goes to bed and don’t get to sleep until about 4 am. Unlike insomniacs I manage to get a groovy, fully fledged decent sleep but don’t wake up until the afternoon. Naturally this hacks everyone off, including my parents and I usually sort it out by filling myself full of snoozing concoctions or booze. Alone, left to my devices, unaltered by self medication I revert to a naturally odd cycle of sleep. I’ve been recommended (by the internet) to find an occupation to suit, luckily I’m half decent in the writing department. I now have quite a collection of maladies adding Bipolar, debauchery, mild OCD and long hair. But then, we shouldn’t view each idiosyncratic eccentricity as necessarily a negative, I’m sure there’s an apparent syndrome for every weakness. We should accept them as part of who we are and instead of mooing and wallowing as a victim, realise they’re a bit of a gift, garnish upon creativity. Give me a genius without a flaw and I’ll show you just another normal person.
So how am I today? I feel I’m winding down from a period of mildly destructive mania. Same old, same old, walking through life with a path of destruction in my wake, still eager to make 2010 ‘my year’. I went cycling last week, 17 miles of hard-work which has induced a healthier state, a thinner, more attractive state and a further feeling of well being. Abiding by the theory that drinking lots of water boosts ones metabolism, I’ve been doing a lot of that too. Anyhow; today I ate a massive sandwich and got a shower. Today I shall do little more… adios

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