Can’t think, Can’t walk….

So I’m trying to think of something to write and nothing has entered my head, I’ve devoted today to doing nothing else but writing a piece for a magazine, deadline tomorrow. That and making some curtains out of pages of the Sunday telegraph which was a success. Powering through cigarettes now beginning to grow anxious. I’ve turned to the blog again as it usually induces my brain to shake off the cobwebs and churn out creative clumps of literature. The past hour has just been spent watching a documentary on Fredrick the great of Prussia, or ‘Fritz’ as he was casually called, inducing the nickname of all Germans. This hasn’t worked, nor has the endless tea and toast or the 4 pints of ridiculously strong Bavarian blond beer I drank last night.
So what now…? The rooms getting dark, the fire’s still on, I’m still wearing my pyjama’s and listening to classical music. I look extremely rough for I haven’t shaved in days and my bed isn’t made. What I should do is go for a walk but I look a scruff and by the time I’ve shaved, had a bath, found some suitable clothes it would be dark and too late for a walk, because upon returning the dinner must be cooked and I’m not leaving this desk until I’ve written something good…..i’ll let you know how it goes… argghhhhh!!!


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