Give Me Your Money!

Sorry I haven’t been in touch, I’ve been writing for a magazine, travelling to and from my Gran’s house. Generally getting by on my own, decorating my flat with any old shit I can get my hands on and wrestling with a natural nocturnalism. This has led to a lack of blogs….

I’m writing this as a vent to be honest. I like writing and find it a therapeutic pleasure; a pleasure most required given the shit creak situation that is my finances. I’ve finally stopped internally screaming at Lloyds-tsb and myself for allowing myself to be ripped off by the said bank. It has now left me in a situation of financial plight with ramifications, which shan’t clear up for at least a month. Basically I’m going to be eating beans for the rest of October, which is nothing, compared to being beheaded and so I keep telling myself. Get a grip…

So with that out of my system, I can contemplate the goings on and what not. As I declared I’ve been to my Grandparents’ house recently. This meant sticking to strict routine with the wrath of a very headstrong grandma to put up with if I tread out of line. I like it there; compared to this bachelor pad it’s a delight to have a structured day. Mine usually is made up of getting up at a preposterously late hour, smoking, eating toast, contemplating a clean up from the night prior’s festivities, cleaning up, tackling the weeks build up of dishes Withnail style. Completing this I put on some clothes and go for a mild walk. This time of the year it’s a pleasure, the autumn is arriving with that fresh smell in the air and a desire to put on a scarf as the wind picks up. With the ipod in I potter down to the beach for a stroll before returning for a spot of writing. Unless that is like last week when everything I normally do goes out the window due to deadlines and I write or chase interviews whereby; nothing gets done and the flat looks like a farm yard.
Anyway back to the daily ritual…I type, and then have dinner before watching grand designs. I love this programme for no rational reason, probably the same infliction that forces people to watch ‘House’ but I don’t really know. Back to typing, then booze or chess then bed at about half 5 in the morn. All supplemented throughout the day by about 800 cigarettes and 500 mugs of kenco.
All in all a potentially dull life if it wasn’t for the fact I’m at its centre, being me everything often gets screwed up or drunk or never paid for. Voila….my financial predicament and messy hair.

Good night


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