Where was i

So now I’ve finally setup my “study” I can blog properly. The comp was next to a sofa and to be honest I was too drunk for a week to ever concoct a decent page of prose. Drinking I’ve decided after feeling a tad depressed is silly. So with an ever so slightly depleted account by say x00 quid, in a week, it has finally come to my attention that acting the goat and squandering my little wealth will get me nowhere. I suppose it’s my way of letting off steam and really I should go rowing instead.

I must remember to close the skylight as my mac sits beneath it. If it rains…bye bye computer.

My brothers en route..no doubt to request another loan, I shall insist we be civil and play cards or something instead. He can help me with the shopping or put the bins out or something. I’ll make him work for cash..that’s a good idea.

So this here then is more a status update than a blog which will suit this new world of kindles and twitter.

I’m going now to wash the dishes..goodbye


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