Doing My George Orwell Thang

I haven’t written a blog in a while, in that time I’ve been thrown out of home, homeless in the street, had an adventure, which involved drinking gallons of wine and sleeping on a new friends sofa. I’ve moved home with the parents made friends with the father, been to a classic car show and I’m due to move into my new flat in Waterloo on Saturday. Except it has no sofa, bed, fridge, washing machine, toaster, kettle, tv, anything to be honest except a carpet.
Back to the ‘throwing out’ thing; I speedily booked into a hostel but quickly made friends in bars and ended up, despite paying for three nights in this hostel spending only one, I wasn’t sharing a room with a pair of chaps I didn’t know, the rest of the expedition was spent, as I said, on friends sofa’s (to which i must thank Jake & Will) . I didn’t get a shower for a week (I did wash, don’t worry…and buy new clothes). I drank myself so splendidly silly every evening that most mornings/afternoons were spent tracking down my coat and bag. Naturally this was a good time to find somewhere new to live and given the predicament I more or less took the first place I could, above an estate agent in Waterloo. Hardly grand but it will do until I can get round to getting myself a splendid apartment with columns near or around Sefton park…or fuck off to France on another ‘what the hells going to happen adventure’. I really should have taken my own advice and hopped into a hotel, it would be the orthodox thing to do but once again tainted by advice of friends I did what would work for the sane, this means it never works for me, a lesson learnt etc.
So what next, well I’ve got to move everything required to furnish and render a flat functional, up 2 flights of narrow stairs to flat four at 138 Crosby road without breaking everything. Aided by a van and a Range Rover it shouldn’t be difficult getting it there, getting it in shall be the hard bit. From my new mission control shag pad I can orchestrate the next abode as well as expanding my income by expanding on my skills as an entrepreneur. This means watching dragons den and reading the money section in the Sunday times.
Anyway it’s getting late and I’ll update you all on things as they progress

Tally ho.


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