Inception; My Review.

Well, more; opinion…….

So I went to see the highly rated film known as ‘Inception’ the other day…in an ‘imax’ cinema. It was a curious film, the characters weren’t great, the narrative was pretty simple only layered to the teeth, simply to induce a feeling of complication and therefore by sheer bafflement, that which causes a feeling of intelligence in the dim. I personally don’t like these kinds of films, all preposterous over complicated special effects to appeal to the visual nerd who brags about how many dots exist on his television screen. I prefer films of a simpler narrative, profound characters and an unpredictable plot. Going to see it in an ‘Imax’ cinema didn’t help either, frankly the screen was too big, it screwed with my eyes and I spent the entire film shaking like a leaf from bass so intense it would measure highly on the Richter scale. I sat there thinking; it would be much better if we could cut away all the intense ‘experience’ shit and get down to just watching a bloody film.

Anyway, I came out of it sore in the head because the screen was ridiculous, trying to imagine the film without the ‘Imax’ bit. I concluded it wasn’t enjoyable mainly due to taste. I thought the Matrix was crap as well; perhaps I have to see it again in a normal cinema whereby I could possibly enjoy it. If you liked the Matrix you probably will like this. My recommendation; don’t watch it in an ‘Imax’ it’d be like doing an exam in a washing machine.


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