The Dandy in the Underworld

Sebastian Horsley is dead, a figure like a flower from a past, bright among the withered rest of us in the winter of modern living. A man with a philosophy of a by gone age, who lived a life of decadence and debauchery, shunning the hypocrisy of modern life’s health obsession and efficiency for freedom, liberty and entertainment. This man lived against the modern world, turning his back on what was deemed politically correct, to live how he wished. Such a philosophy of strong character is in my opinion the bravest and most noble existence.
He was a showman; he lived to cause a fuss. People looked at him, as if through a window into a world the modern era calls repugnant, a world which looks upon us as unfree and trapped by it’s own regulation. He was a libertine and a legend, a character free of restrictions, capable of showing us an alternative existence.

Although i never knew him personally; I quite like the idea of Sebastian Horsley, and idea’s never die…


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