NEWS FLASH…and this and that

I'm ready for my Knighthood your majesty......

For this one I sought inspiration from the news, in particular the Telegraph and Guardian websites. I would‘ve used The Times-online, I used to use it as we get The Times at home, but alas they’ve started charging for an online subscription and I’m not hardcore enough for that. So what do we have? Alistair Darling bleating on about how the Tories have misled voters on spending cuts. Well aren’t we all sympathetic, silly old buggar from a silly by-gone party which misled everyone into believing they were somewhat competent and moral, perhaps i’m suffering from the ‘hate the party you grew up with’ syndrome. This article popped up in the guardian and interestingly doesn’t appear to have made the telegraph – what a surprise.

i'm a Spanner, don't you know...

The Queens new years honours list has revealed the latest batch of OBE, MBE, and Knights. I ponder my own eventual knighthood at times, usually during fits of boredom in queues or on the lavatory. Sir Peter Mears…it’s definitely got a ring to it, well it does to me, I’ll promise to go around firing people like that Sugar chap on television whilst hopefully acquiring a regal fortune on the way.

MI5 have been sleuthing about, finding all kinds of crawly creatures ready to pop a cap in England’s bottom… always the same though isn’t it? I mean nothing to fuss about, we’re British and so in the plight of the most avid danger, we have a habit of plodding on as if nothing is happening. A bloody good trait it is. The only ones incapable of maintaining such a standard not beyond the coast was the previous government but less political bashing if you would Mr Mears.

Am i bovvered!!...Old boy.

I’ve now come to the conclusion that this experiment in current affairs is boring…I could yap on about other stuff in these two ‘papers’ but sure enough, at work, come lunchtime you’ll have tuned into your news of choice online, quite figuring out for yourself what’s going on. Unless of coarse you’re me, who when lunchtime began during a day of office ‘toil’ I would make a break for a decent restaurant, there I would gorge on steak and consume a bottle of wine before plodding back a tad tipsy to commence with the afternoons work.

Enjoy your lunch!


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