Sheep Need Inspiration too

Went on a little walk before and saw some sheep, I like the way people ponder upon animals and champion the life of just eating grass and doing sod all else, if I was a sheep I’d be bored of being a sheep, hey if we’re contemplating being sheep lets go the whole hog and say; if I was a sheep I would have a mind like Einstein, I’d buckle under the pressure of being so intelligent, stifled by my surroundings and unable to perform to my full potential. I suppose there must be a lot of sheep in modern society, sitting, not knowing much else to do and growing frustrated not to be mentally challenged or appreciated. People like the sheep need educating. If that sheep knew what was outside the pen then he’d be off like a sex-craved maniac in a whorehouse. Art plays a huge part in influencing and therefore educating people, architecture too. It provides the link between not having and having things. With inspiration we can pop online and learn more, go the library and flick through that copy of ‘the classics with Archimedes’ all because we saw a classical style building, discovered it was ancient Greek in design and therefore allowing oneself to enter the unknown world of all things ancient, for example anyway. But you get what I mean, what surrounds us can be the influence that drags people out of the gutter and into a garden of the finest fruit of knowledge. Society and artists then have an element of responsibility, modern thinking has to an extent gotten so lost up its own bottom it’s neglected a huge element of its reason. It’s forgotten to inspire and captivate…. Profound and great art leaves people aghast with wonder, Tracey Emin’s bed doesn’t, Turner’s The shipwreck of the Minotaur does.
People need inspiring and the duty of such lies just as profoundly, possibly more so with the architect. Our buildings shape who we are, our mood, our self-appreciation as they surround us continuously. A painting takes us away for a moment, buildings tell us who we are, wherever we are, they can lead and inspire us to look further, learn and create. I feel though currently after a century of ‘modernisation’ that we are beginning to see a revolution upon a revolution, correcting the rubbish (and I don’t mean all of it, but 60’s council houses and tower blocks for sure) eventually we may see a more classical ethos poking through again, eventually we’ll be back up there with civilisations greats, creating beauty, entertaining and captivating generations to come.
Wow can’t beat a blinking good rant now can we….



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  1. petermears

    i’ve just remembered, i’ve already blogged about this topic before…..i issue myself henceforth with a modern art critique ban. 🙂 – unless that is something really really gets on my nipples, then perhaps, i’ll rant once more.

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