Firstly I owe everyone an apology…I’ve been a right spanner of late, the last week or so I’ve been feeling somewhat depressed, which I’m sure to say, nobody cares. This is fine because normally I deal with it by myself, powering through, keeping busy and what not. Unfortunately I decided to drink and party through it which is ridiculous, immature and I should have known better. When drunk all the negativity popped out and I ended up spending the weekend weeping like a spanner and refusing to talk to anyone like a spoilt child.
This morning I awoke on the sofa and it was as if somebody had opened the curtains, the world seemed light and airy again and the energy was back and I felt rather happy. So, to all those at the receiving end of my muppetry I can only sincerely apologise, and it is sincere, I feel like a right ruddy prat.
Today I’ve been hammering the job front via the web…there’s a huge quantity of opportunity to delve into which renders me very excited. A friend of mine to whom I’m rather grateful, pointed out a damningly obvious, brilliant hint of advice whilst discussing my projects ‘if you replaced the word project with job’ he said ‘…you would be the most successful out of all of us’. This struck a rather profound chord for I do have lots of projects which, I volunteer my capability upon. Upon this advice, I have chosen now to hold back on those and recalibrate my priorities. I’m never going to utter the word project again until I have a job like a normal being, thus I shall pledge all of my energy (which can be somewhat profound) into the project of all projects…..making a damn good living.

Upon that note I won’t be discussing anything else for distraction is to be avoided at all costs…I’m going to get myself a bloody good job!


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