Motorbikes, Elections and Laughs

I sat up all night on the election drinking Russian standard, hoping for my Lib Dem opposition to a Tory government…it’d didn’t happen. Some spanners voted labour instead for some reason and thus the disease of Mandelson and Brown still lingers about the wound of British politics, we do though have a hung parliament which is pretty much good enough for me.
Enough of politics. I’m sure you’ve had it rammed down your gullet for the past month and even someone interested as me can’t help but feel a bit sick…a bit like eating far too many crisps…CHUNDER!!!!
The last week has resulted in little work done due to distractions of the social kind, my house becoming a cross between a night club and a café…imagine drinking tea and conversing in a little super club, followed splendidly by a bar crawl…everyday. Life’s a bitch!

I really must learn to drive…I’m obsessed with cars, but then, I’m tempted to get another motorbike, missing the thrill of near death riding. Open to the elements, racing through traffic and catching my knee on the hedge exiting a tight corner on Bells Lane, flying up the gears aiming for 70mph before smashing down into 2nd to swoop through another corner, taking a bit too much middle ground, ready to lift off, whack down the gears again and apply the brakes if someone else is coming the other way…the concentration is blissful.

For now though it’s the Formula One and this weekends Spanish grand prix, a not so splendid track but all is bettered next weekend when the F1 circus lands in Monte Carlo for the Monaco grand Prix, which; to be honest, despite the lack of overtaking, confined to the twisty streets is enough of a backdrop to leave anyone aghast.

Recently I discovered an excellent and down right hilarious comedy group called ‘unexpected items’ these, I think one day shall be rather big. I don’t know their entire history or where they are from but last night on the youtube app on my phone I couldn’t help but giggle and so I shall share them with you.

Anyhow..i’m on a cleaning mission and so shall potter off to continue counting my books..



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