Flashman and letters

I’ve spent all day typing letters and sending e-mails, watching politicians make tits of themselves and subjecting myself to dance music profusely.
Apparently there’s another election debate on tonight which makes for a decent night in of political discussing- mainly discussing the bumbling foolery of Gordon Brown and David Cameron’s capability as the future First Lord of the Treasury of Great Britain.

In recent days I’ve been being a busy spanner exploring the world of the job agencies to elevate myself beyond that of the Dave viewer, into the mainstream of civilised society to actually do something productive with my time. This will, I tell you induce more blogs as I’ll be a busy man. The old saying; ‘if you want something done, ask a busy man’ sort of holds sway here I think..

Currently I find myself reading the wonderful world of George MacDonald Frasier’s ‘flashman’ novels. I’m reading the first one and quite a riveting read it is, if flashy himself is something of a rogue, which he is, he serves to shun the namby pampy politically correct ethos of the modern era, dragging one a way, closer towards common, brutal sense; I love it.

So tomorrow I may well be cycling a million miles in the early morning. Eventually I’ll be up Ben nevis but for now, now my eyes are feeling a tad tired I’m off to enjoy my dinner.

Tatty bye.


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