A Minor Interlude

It’s been a while hasn’t it…I’ve been lazy, I haven’t been running on all 28 cylinders and so the blog has lamented into neglect and decay…well I wouldn’t go that far. Only it’s not been updated and has gathered dust in the attic of my computer. Every so often an attic trip must be made. One must go up there and adventure, it’s amazing what’s to be found and my online diary is one of them. “I tell you what” I pondered, “I’ll keep a blog again”.

I’ve been cycling, and gym-ing, not writing,and not drinking…much. My world has slowed down a little which isn’t good. I’m en route to getting a new abode so onwards and upwards etc.
The general election is upon us. It’s now politics season, meaning; going the pub and debating. I should have been a roman politician, I couldn’t be today…I mean; How to lose friends and alienate people or what? Being powerful isn’t as cool as it was in the old days, when you could build palaces, grow a beard, be drunk and chop off heads.


I’ll post a proper blog soonish, be this a minor interlude


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