The Rise of the Digital Enlightenment.

Is the new age of blogging cutting swathes through the political climate new? No.
The glorious revolutionary age of the 18th century, of pamphleteering is back. Citizens not with the pen but the keyboard are once again voicing themselves, no longer through the constraints of the printing press but via the web, in what I would deem a golden age of ideas and influence just gathering momentum in this modern age. Political Blogs left right and centre are rendering the often-collective bandwidth of newspapers outdated. The choice of information has gone beyond what the papers once monopolized, blowing the cobwebs off cemented ideologies and agendas, empowering the individual with a broader spectrum of news and reviews, ideas and objectives to choose from. The effects are being noticed as we speak, with the general election approaching on may 6th, we are witnessing the changes of new media upon modern politics with certain political Blogs putting pressure upon MP’s and bringing information to the forefront the newspapers hadn’t access to or would have avoided due to clashes with set agenda’s. Spread by the likes of twitter, such Blogs are entering the mainstream and being noticed, a mainstream swamped prior to the Internet by national newspapers.

The great thing about the Blog is its accessibility, if you have a great idea, a challenging opinion, it’s seeds can be sown without being fought from fruition by desperate to please media corporations, reliant upon advertising income, pressured by a set, politically correct agenda. The Blog separates ideas and capitalism freeing it up completely. You can get your new ideas and insights out there, publishing through various blogging websites and if talented enough and with hard work, you can voice an affect upon society, uninhibited by a need for financial backing and publishers to go to print. The evolution on the pamphlet; the Blog, is now more powerful than ever but its true strength has yet to be tested, with politics often fragile over time, when the wind of popular democracy must revolutionise a system, it’ll be blogging where revolution will begin and the next Voltaire or Thomas Paine will be heard. The difference between blogging and the pamphlet is saturation; the Internet is saturated with thousands upon thousands of people fighting for hits. The pamphlet was printed and distributed generally through taverns, each pamphlet had an air of novelty, which magnified its affect, not to mention something to read whilst enjoying a Coffee or a Gin. That said, with the Blog, novelty, ingenuity and fresh ideas like any endeavor would rise above others and appeal to a larger audience. With the advent of smart phones and Digital literature through the likes of the iPad, people will be reading Blogs in new wi-fi’d café’s and pubs again. The Blog has applied an element of marketing to the situation to distance itself from the competition, unlike the pamphlet which, to be frank, there wasn’t much else to read. It means great idealists have to be quite entrepreneurial in there methods to get their message across. This is no different to how artist have always had to operate, like painters and writers, of which there are many. The brightest minds will be noticed and with the Blog, institution and capitalism will not be able to stand in the way.


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