Rather Casual Quality Cack

I realise how goddamn ignorant and smeghead-ish my last blog was. This was highlighted while cycling home with my chum Wilhelm the other day, whereupon we concluded that it was just the ravings of a madman…must suppress madness, must suppress…..anyway. I’ve decided to vanquish this ignorance by actually reading more philosophical writings, gonna start with Voltaire. I have his Candide in my collection but haven’t read it though, I like Voltaire. I once read a splendid biography on him by a biographist (cant remember the author, can’t be arsed digging it up…going to hell for laziness) but it had nice pictures -oh dear I’m becoming a child- and so I must read more philosophical shizzle, infact there’s a splendid docu on youtube of either the channel 4 or 5, having perused one episode once on Nietzsche, proving to be most entertaining (Nietzsche, what a beard)…Anyway; I must now go off and polish up a short story I once written, preparing it to be presented to a magazine and thus hopefully placed within it – fingers crossed aye x



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2 responses to “Rather Casual Quality Cack

  1. jenn

    just to say, damn I love reading your rambles! I don’t have a head for Philosophy unfortunately, but do let us know how you get on with Candide.
    fingers crossed for you 🙂 j.

    • petermears

      Thanks, really glad you enjoy it, i’ll be updating the universe on my candide exploits as soon as it’s been conquered.
      uber cheers 🙂

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