Catchy Uppington

I’ve too much energy and too little discipline. I spent all this morning watching vlogs on youtube. Getting up at 1:30, I set about annoying my sister, marching around the house, shouting, singing opera then venting myself through the medium of my speakers. I contemplating doing a video blog, it could go two ways; i’ll look like a self centred arrogant twit. Or it’ll replicate this and be marginally successful. Really the little man in my head wants to be a super internet success, he’s a pillock, but the other guy (in my noggin) who likes wearing trousers and a tie, who likes watching university challenge does think it’s a stupid idea, he thinks writing is a smarter vent of sporadic outbursts.

On Saturday I went go karting because it was my mates birthday, I won – hurrahh to me.

I could go into the garden and ‘work out’, I hate that saying…work out, work out what? Not quite maths, shouldn’t it be work on….my fitness. Naturally a term coined by muppetts but alas vital to suppress dancing and marching and shouting opera about the house.
I wouldn’t mind a giraffe, I can see myself when I’m a bit older thinking “I’m going to go outside now…and feed my giraffe” owning a giraffe would be pretty epic.
Not as epic though as owning a proper huge U-boat, fully operational of coarse. All friends on board and sail to Monaco in a U-boat. You can stuff your huge yacht up your bottom Mr Abramovich for I own a world war 2 submarine :-).
Anyway, back to the domestic elements of life, it’s just occurred to me that I haven’t eaten yet, I’m not hungry and since I spent Friday night indulging in seven bags of crisps and coke, Saturday drunk followed by a Sunday gorging on meat. It would probably be best to fast for a few hours.
Anyway, I’m going to vomit up a short story, though where I can do such I don’t know, my sister has stolen the sofa to spend the day watching ‘one tree hill’ which is frankly the most vile piece of television ever to enter the DVD player. I will then be forced either to stay here and not work due to the lure of youtube/wikipedia or I’ll be in the conservatory freezing to death. Decisions Decisions…..


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