Exercise like a King

So here we are; a Blogett, I’ve coined such name for it is a pleasant, little, quaint, chatty catchup…a wee diary entry to keep the cogs from cob-webbing.
I’ve caught an illness which is both ironic and contrary to my principles. I’ve started to exercise. Yes – oh my lordy flute! It was another recent obsession of mine which dragged me into this state of physical activity. I’ve been ever so slightly bewitched by Russia. Occasionally I get little imaginative pods of enthusiasm, running directly (generally) from history. It was Tolstoy who lured me in, his ‘War and Peace’, a book with atmosphere akin to a sauna which drags you in, even when it’s eventually uncomfortable it’s impossible to leave, i.e. You’ve never had enough of reading. It so becomes a gargantuan effort to leave the world of Russian Princes and French Emperors.
Anyway; this led me to peruse various distinguished figures in history…Louis XIV, Peter the Great for example. I noticed these men of great stature possessed a physical ethic akin to their business regarding state affairs, this led me to the conclusion that physical exercise aids and improves mental output.
With this in mind I’ve been busying away. Not only here but upon my other projects as well as gym-ing and cycling a bit. It’s simple enough in the comfort of ones living room or garden, for what takes half an hour leaves one feeling utterly sensational.
Anyway enough of this…I’ve far to much to be done and so I shall bid goodbye.


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