cheery cheerier better best


What a difference a day makes, just a short, sweet delight to counter the negativity of yesterdays prosaic weep. Today I made the best poached egg on toast I have ever in my two and twenty year reign as a human being. Formula one is set to go for this weekend and so the lovely people at the BBC have put all the old footage on “red button” I recommend it to any motorsport enthusiast. I did upon getting up, blast through a chapter of The Great Gatsby, a story that never has and I suppose never will capture my imagination but when you really concentrate; provides a dandy hint of entertainment to while away the hours.
The weather doesn’t matter but college does, I’m not looking forward to explaining my absence on Tuesday but alas the truth cannot do damage (one hopes) and so I shall waltz in, hopeful that I can keep my place, rendering me free from the weight of this anxiety thereafter.

This evening I shall spend; possibly drawing with radio four for company before venturing so far as a stroll. Besides this there isn’t much more to say, I shall love you and leave you for quite another day again.



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