Consider the Bigger Political Picture

As my little trip to Scotland grows ever closer I ponder to myself a very British question; will it rain? Of coarse it’ll bloody rain which renders my British question quite a useless one just like every other question demanding answers in Britain at this moment. Why is it so messed up is probably the most popular one, and the answer? Forget it it. Nobody in a position to make any difference has the cognitive ability or the balls to do anything. An example is the Harriet Harman were a complete idiot can be be a member of the cabinet. The sort of situation we tried to resolve in removing the monarchy as the epicenter of power in this festering kingdom. We have replaced the upper class idiots with working class idiots. What a balls up! What we really need is a body of intellectuals, you know, professors, writer, adventurers, the Voltaires, Fry’s, Byrons, Russell Brands, Wellingtons and Wodehouse’s (you know what I mean) debating with true pre-political qualification to do the job. Instead after a momentary (despite flaws of obviously favoring one class) successful period of doing this we have allowed a class of purely political troglodytes to take office in the highest echelons of our nation. Its your fault. To many people obsessed with there own agenda’s, everyone with the power to play politics with their own vote and look where we are. Democracy works but at the same time it must be limited. I know you’ll dislike this but its true. No system can prosper in a human civilisation with too many people calling the shots. It just induces a chaos rather like we have today. chaos of too many people running too many career politicians with too little balls obsessed with not damaging their own agenda’s because they have nothing else, no career to fall back on, all to scared to tread on somebody else. In the big wide world to not tread on someone else is to not tread and if you don’t tread you don’t move – bingo a civilisation not going forward grounded by its own noble delusions of being damn pleasant. Well that is fine thats nice, yes nice is the word for it doesn’t do anything its just damn well nice and nice is nice until amazing turns up and everyone goes wow and moves on. Well I fear if we remain nice we shall be left somewhat behind, it’ll be you complaining because if nice doesn’t get better it begins to rot. A bit like england is right now. A rotting old house once glorious now broken down into flats for the poorer people who treat it like shit and everyone avoids because they aren’t seen as “gentlemen” and oh dear its rubbish nobody wants to be here except the even poorer and then we have to knock it down and start again. Well that is are current political system, the “gentlemen” left long ago and the “down to earth” have done just that, dragging it into the mud and now its all dirty.
The problem is how do we obviously fix this? To go back to the old system creates the same problems of old which evolved into the new system we have today (unfair workers rights etc). We should then let it die out but is this justifiable. All civilisations come to an end after all. With every action comes a reaction and the wrongs are righted. With this then we shouldn’t as human beings do anything. The political system works in patterns of extreams which over years create an average medium of balance. I have placed this theory on blogs prior. The problem now then is to react to the current system and the only way is my suggestion realistically for we cannot do nothing. This will never happen as the people have too much say. Its a bit stupid given the triangle of class that that the majority of voters (the people who rule this country) are the unsuccessful. Britain is run by its unsuccessful citizens in a majority and that to me seems a little odd.


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