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libertine SPLASH

Ladies and gentlemen, despite my lack of recent updates it makes me ever so proud to see the ratings still up for this blog, thank you indeed for taking the time to enter my world for a brief peruse, among the hours so expensive in this age.
Catchup; i’ve consumed enough alcohol to fuel George IV for at least a month, within a week or two its been mental, great fun and words like “legend” and “mucky” being bandied about gloriously. It is always debauched and we (me and the friends) do excess rather effortlessly well. Last night I found myself at a bar as ever with the old man and brother, everyones getting along brilliantly it pleases me to say, the confines of family ceasing to induce tension and warfare as of days gone by.
I have been shattered courtesy of nocturnal pursuits and my days have been spent not only harboring a headache but generally and casually existing to do buggar all, I found myself watching “Jeremy Kyle” laughing at the absolute mindless stupidity of his subjects and pondering to what extent is Jeremy Kyle is a git, the irony of it all is; I was watching Jeremy Kyle, oh dear, oh dear indeed. Another addiction is the Dave channel, I’ve watched countless hours of top gear, its very shameful and must be sorted out, i’m in serious danger of actually becoming Dave, I do not want to be Dave. I’m very bored of moping about like a bum and believe now should be time given the academic break, an opportunity to commit something outstanding. As ever fruition is never witnessed rendering the most honest and real achievement to acquire discipline, only then shall I move on to accomplishment.
I’ve recently taken to the old roll your own cigarettes. They are a load of wang. I realised the expense of consuming 20 Marlboro Reds a day, not to mention the damage it will be doing regarding my ability to breathe, the plan being as I hate anything that requires manual effort that the actual creation of one of these hopeless sticks will put me off for a short time from reaching for a smoke, a habit that is effortless when they come already built.
So besides shopping, smoking, eating, DRINKING, scribbling verse, looking in books, watching Dave and sitting in the sun, all I’ve done is think, pondering the same question, how can I manipulate that or this to make more money, to drink more and buy a fast car. Right, this very second I’ve diagnosed the problem, I’m going about it all wrong, if you want someone to give something then one must do something for them. Its an obvious rule, I’m now going to go figure out just what I can do to be of use and worth.

Good evening


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