Twiddling Thumbs?

Perhaps i should do a Ranulph?

Perhaps i should do a Ranulph?

Where have i been? Busily under-inspired, I haven’t kept you informed for over a week, I’m experiencing the epitome of an artistic cliché; writer’s block. On the train yesterday evening on route to see “the Red Threads” in Liverpool the five of us brainstormed this issue, concluding three options, I should either live in a cave for a length of time reporting on the lifestyle of a cave man, option two being to sit on the train all day and explain how wonderful such an adventure would be armed with alcohol, reporting the nightmare of the railways. Finally the final option was to actually visit the beautiful town of Uttoxeter made famous by Fry and Laurie. Such endeavors could possibly be done for charity and would obviously overcome my inability to conjure up new idea’s for this here bloggins. The conclusion of such a debate is the fact that i’m obviously not getting “out” enough. Don’t get me wrong I waltz from bar to nightclub in a haze of tipsiness on a regular basis but surely there is more to life than that and college, I’m quite sure Giacomo Casanova, the epitome of adventure would not in this now little world of ours, at the grand old age of one and twenty be sat at his desk most of the day on facebook/twitter, spewing out essay’s or generally being drunk and debauched. Upon second thoughts the latter is obviously viable and a valid method of existence but the other two leave one feeling a little bit miserable. Travel and adventure I require especially if I’m to reach fame and fortune as a novelist one hopeful day in the distant future, yet, no obvious and reachable method of executing such a lifestyle stands within the wall of my mind. Imagination perhaps? Well that place is usually a wonderful get away from the hideousness of reality, yet, maybe I should practice reining it in, molding it into a state that should render it useful in the everyday world.

Well there we are; I’ve spewed up a blog on not having anything to write, a paradox you could say and with that I ask you! Any idea’s and if so, do you fancy it?

Ps: Congratulations must go out to the legend that is Ranulph Fiennes – bloody nutter (in a splendid way) in his sixties climbing Everest to go along side his polar expeditions and the 7 marathons in 7 continents. Perhaps I should try and conquer a huge mountain or walk somewhere ridiculous. 🙂



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  1. Jason fields

    Cool blog pete if u decide to go on a big walk ole join u one off durin next week do ile be happy to help LOL any way about blog I think it should be more formsl but what do ikniw I probably just failed my English gcse so I say go with ya gutt

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