Extremely Monotonous, Exciting Art?

art1I would much rather look at St Paul’s Cathedral. Elegant, beautiful and a milestone of human achievement. The Gherkin in London is obviously a character in it’s own right yet you can’t suggest it’s as good as St Paul’s. Good – what does that mean? I think it’s used to mean of a general higher or decent quality, what happened to the good art? What happened to the good architecture? Now without sounding too conservative on the subject i’ll now challenge either side of the argument. The buildings that surround us I believe mold us and represents us as a society. We’re efficient, tall in our capability, but beautiful? I think not but then perhaps not being beautiful is beautiful is it not?. Beauty is a paradox, in order to be truly beautiful there must be in the subject, strife and flaws. Yet to what extent, Modern art seems to be a plateau of flaws without the staggering “beauty” so where do we draw the line, where do we position the point of compromise to establish the ideal balance, is it as mathematical as that? No, and that then is the debate, how far do we go in our extremes, and who is anybody to judge?
If nobody was to judge and the guage of taste didn’t exist then perhaps art would be pointless as everything in life would be mathematically planned out and we would follow the ideals of the perfect compromise yet that already exists doesn’t it? An example is fashion, not just sartorially but throughout humanity dictating what is socially desired. Artists that stand out through history are the chaps who defy “fashion” they take the mainstream and launch it into a wail of social danger and uncomfort, revolutionizing the environment and keeping the equilibrium over time by bouncing from one extreme to the other, in the end the average is midway without the laborious stagnation of not wavering. Its exciting to be extreme and for society and mankind as a whole it is indeed healthy. Revolution after revolution, is it now time for a revolution? I believe so, Modern art has lost its extreme and appears now a laborious fad. Time for change, time for the novelty of quality to poke its head through the canvas and take us into another direction. We need something everyone can appreciate not just those who have studied and lost themselves in a specific genre, we need something more down to earth in a sense, we need some more St Paul’s.


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