A Short Book Review

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming kidknapped me during the evening, I read the lot cover to cover, truly engrossed. Generally hindered with the attention span of a 5 year old, that for me is a giant feat, it wasn’t difficult. This is a book that cannot be put down, its journalistic short, snappy sentences keep you captivated as you race about the world of the proper pre-cliché James Bond. From stylish casino’s to intelligent, attractive women. Bentleys, torture scenes and a complicated relationship culminating in the unexpected ending. You will, I grant you be sucked into the grandiose world of espionage which despite being dramatic is never beyond reality.




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2 responses to “A Short Book Review

  1. Jason fields

    Nice but were are all your other blogs

    • petermears

      Not sure if its because your looking at it on the iphone format, you’ll have to show me how it looks from your side and i’ll see what can be done. Try clicking “general chat” at the bottom, that may give you a few options.
      Thanks for browsing mate

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