Art, G20 and a book “review”

pillar10-history-french-revolution-delacroix2Bold, charming and elegant, if you where to look at anything mankind would consider brilliant or beautiful you will notice that there is a balance of Boldness, charm and elegance, in particular cases where we say something is extraordinarily profound and ingenious then these factors are all achieved at a gloriously high standard. Take any artist, lets use Caravaggio, his work is bold in its lifelike dramatic often morbid capability yet it possesses a character that no other artist can lay claim to. The way this all fits together is a seemingly effortless elegance which renders it fine enough to fit in the finest galleries, its finese is unbeatable and its affect is obvious. For persons and great characters we can also test this theory, on Oscar Wilde, or Audrey Hepburn such characters or even to go beyond specifics, each thing lays claim to the rule above. We can apply it to the works of Orson Wells, Byron or Conan Doyle with equal success.
Anyhow when not pondering the brilliance of more or less everything of Credibility to mankind I’ve been studying, my recent studies of the first world war bring to light a correlation with the modern economic problem of today amongst many other things, now I shall not bore you with the details as finance bores me quite senseless and in a flicker of my career when I was in amongst the scene of finance I learnt quite clearly never to set foot in its murky and quite tedious waters again. I can tell you though that the foolish management of war and the domino effects that induce complete worldwide breakdown is evident in both problems. Its funny how human nature applies the same thought processes to any situation and the same mistakes again and again and again reoccur. If historians where less stuffy and more outward going perhaps interesting enough to be noticed then perhaps the world would prosper from a few wise academic words, but then to consider a world of thoroughly interesting historians pulling strings and managing things is probably wishful thinking on my behalf and shall be left on the shelf of fantasy for the time being.

I’ve been reading Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, a fantastic old skool peruse upon spying that obviously evolved into the bond films, it must be said and therefore shall as that’s what I do, that Daniel Craig isn’t far off the proper thing. In this knowledge I can sit back, relax and cease to be annoyed that the bond I once new and thought “proper” is over, for the real bond is quite slightly for not completely but definitely back.
Another book I’ve been indulging upon is “among the bohemians” by Virginia Nicholson, a fabulous romp through the world of artists and thinkers during the turn of the last century which has had me quite wanting to dispense with all the baggage of life and disappear off into a bohemian world of simplicity, little over packed flats full of painting and colour and to drink myself quite brilliantly into genius.

So the G20 summit has arrived and brought with it the mob. All the politicians are there including the powerfully charismatic Mr Obama. This then is an opportunity to try and get it right and I hope they do. I cant wait for Brown to make way for Cameron, I cant hide that, for I believe next to Obama, Mr Brown looks quite insignificant, he lacks the capability of leadership, that ability to round up the masses with charisma that sets leaders apart. Mr Blair had it, very true and conned us all as lets be fair all politicians do, but it felt somewhat disheartening to notice that the man representing Britain isn’t the best we can offer and so I must wait until the general election. With the G20 came about 5000 foolish morons smashing up London, good to watch it must be said, you cant beat the atmosphere of revolution yet unlike most revolutions this one A, didn’t materialise and B, was just a pointless exercise of aggression that benefited nobody and made everyone look abit daft. All those people really wanted was an excuse to cause a noise and to be frank that’s silly, its not British and they should go back home and think about it. When asked by the media all they could come up for the charade was the excuse of making the leaders realise the problem. Don’t you think they already know the extent of the problem? that’s what they’re there for, they’re not on holiday they protecting the world from financial collapse and therefore protecting themselves from all out failure, this means protecting us. So if we’d let them get on with the job and stop behaving like Muppets then I’m sure the world will be a better place. The British mob, historically always entertaining but never as good or effective as the French!


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