A Brief Blog and an Introduction

So, as you may have noticed, that is if you are lucky enough to know me. The weekend just past was ridden with partying and jovial muppeteering about until ridiculous o’clock, very early the next morning in a dazzled state of loud unruffled libertinism. Parents as they so often are, do appear to be more cunning than should be originally suspected, out witting my slightly drunken and ever so more hungover mental capability by actually having a browse through my camera. Now had I been less lazy or more “on the ball” as they say in some quarters of society, I would have quite obviously uploaded them straight away, online via my PC before destroying the evidence sitting in the camera. Being them somewhat old fashioned the world of facebook is beyond there sphere of vision, safe enough to share such photo based digital graphics without the threat of obvious persecution and impending doom. The obvious debauchery had cast a shadow over my capability to react in an efficient and intelligent manner pledging the position I now find myself in which so renders me here with a lot of making up to do.
Anyway a good time was had by all and the next one will be, quite obviously upon my own property.
I’ve been toying away and beavering as they say upon a project I do hope you will find quite so much fun in a very intelligent sense, being it the fact that you are here perusing upon this minor document of delight it goes quite obviously without saying that my target audience is indeed your wonderful self and I welcome you to this splendid little boutique of know-how and whimsical cognitive delights. Think of it a fantastic bar/ restaurant. Behind the bar there you can see the hefty stuff, the brandy of politics, yet we shall also be serving up the chilled chatter of cool beer just like this, or for the more seriously cultured, a nice fine 1766 chateaux du enlightenment. It is to be a place of intrigue, opinion, dandyness and thoroughly pedantic brilliance with a lump of lovely comfyness to keep you warm and reading, a glorious style last witnessed during the privileged court of Louis XVI and the romanticist period of the Byronic and curious, to delve deeper into history its ethos can be seen dusted over in the renaissance, fuelled by men of letters like Voltaire but never afraid to scare you with a hint of de Sade’s silliness.
Needless to say this shall not be a pathetic attempt to re-conger the “glories” of the past. We are not fascist morons, applying a fictitious historical doctrine, oh no. if you want historical fiction peruse and delve into the world of Dumas, oh a fine fruit I find. Here the discussions of the day should and shall be quite frankly tackled somewhat head on, only with the style and wonder of an aesthetic that should have you feeling a little bit better about life.
Anyway, I’ll finish here so you can have that cigarette or indulge in that drink and while your away I’ll get scribbling.



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One response to “A Brief Blog and an Introduction

  1. Amandine

    Dear Pete you are to cunning. Drunken exploits are fun on occasion yet can prove embarrassing the next day. Pete I enjoy your words. Keep them coming.

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